10 Ideas On Casual And Ethnic Wear For Women

10 Instagrammers are rocking their Indian styles

1. Being simple is the key. Everytime you don’t need to dress up. Casuals are pretty cool and they can go with anything.
2. The rule I always stick to when it comes to fashion is, “You can afford being over dressed. Never under dressed.”
3. I have recently discovered my love for contemporary Indian wear. Something like an Indian maxi dress with hand block prints will be my choice for a small occasion.
4. I love the complexity and the array of colours, prints and fabrics. I think that beyond the surface there is a story of where the style originated from and has been handed down from generation to generation, mothers to daughters, families to families. It is a homage to never forgetting where you came from.
5. I feel Ethnic fashion truly makes a statement and makes your beauty stand out in the most distinct way.
6. Never wear all brands together(which scream brand logos esp). you wouldn’t want to look like an advertising hoarding.
7. One fashion rule that is permanent for me would be keeping it comfortable. Don’t reveal too much at once. It is never a bad idea to flaunt your body when the occasion calls for it, but its all about maintaining that balance. Not showing off everything in one go!
8. “Black is never out of style” when in doubt, just wear black! Black looks flattering on everyone and you can turn any black outfit from casual to dressy in 2.5 seconds with the right accessories and lipstick.
9. Ethnic fashion covers elegance,style,Royalty and class altogether.It never goes out of fashion.Also provides most distinct and vibrant print,designs and fabrics in the world.I feel when i wear ethnic i stand in a crowd.
10. A perfect ethnic look is the right colors, details with the beadings. I love love a heavily beaded lengha, anarkali, or Saree. Accessorizing is a must. It just brings it all together!
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